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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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a weight came down on him. they are building the stadium. the construction will resume on thursday. and wheel they don't think this shut down will delay the opening of the stadium, their focus is on white's family. >> we'll address that as it comes. it's just not in our thoughts right now. we're more concerned about the family of our deceased worker and our staff and construction workers that are on site. and that's more of our focus. >> reporter: they say when crews do come back, they will have a safety meeting similar to the one they had just three weeks ago. >> we will do this to stress the importance of looking out for each other and being safe and tying off and doing the right thing on the job site. >> reporter: grief counseling will also be available on site. this is the first major injury since work began in april of last year. and we are more on the
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shindler elevator corporation. it is headquartered in switzerland. they were fined $25,000 for an accident at a construction site in 2011. a worker fell 19 feet down an elevator shaft and suffered multiple fractures. it was classified as a serious sdechblts osha records show the california branches have been fined for other incidents over the last five years of the total cost of those fines about $165,000. across the country, football fans sued them of an aes ca later malfunk at the former giant's stadium in new jersey. this all happened next door to the 49ers practice field. the team issued this statement. the 49ers organization was deeply saddened to learn this morning of the news at the
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construction site. our thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and co-workers affected by this tragedy. the 49ers family has lost a teammate today. this has been one of the most talked about construction sites in the area. the $1.3 billion project is expected to be ready next year and complete in time for the 2014 football season. just last month, the team announced that levi strauss paid nearly $220 million for the naming rights. we invite you to stay with nbc for our continuing coverage of this story. you can also find more details or the stadium construction and the death investigation on our website, nbc bay new at 5:00. terrifying moments for a young
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girl. this man kidnapped her and planned to sexually assault her. she was shopping at a supermarket. she returned to her car and began driving. he came out of hiding in the back seat holding a neve and told her to drove to a remote location, quarry lakes. once they got there, the victim managed to run away for help at a nearby home. he is identified as a 23 year old. he was arrested at his work in dublin. nearly 40 men and women taken off the streets, accused of everything from selling drug does robbing banks, even murder. chris sanches is live at the county jail. >> reporter: you listed some of the charges included in this 99 page indime. add to that methamphetamine and cocaine sale and witness intim dags. and it's telling, i think, that
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a third of the pages include prior ofens that could qualify some of the 48 gang memberis inkii indieted to spend the rest of their lives behind bars. they are among the48 people indieted by the santa clara district attorney following a three year investigation into their dealings on the streets. >> when you look at the drug trafficking, the witness intim dags, the firearms, the murders, the robberies, it was a significant crime spree, and this prosecution will bring that to a close. >> reporter: the 99 page indictment lists all gang members and 77 counts that involve a hold up in january of 2012 in which the suspects used a fake bomb to demand cash and led police on a chase that shut down highway 885. and that's one of five bank robberies in the indictment.
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some were held for a murder in san jose. the 77 count indictment against the members is the largest in county history. the next largest one dubbed royal flush took people off the streets in 2011, and they said it resulted in a year of no gang violence in his city. >> these are major players that they have today under indictment. when you remove that from the community there's really no one to run the business. and that's what it is. it's a criminal enterprise. >> reporter: so what's next? there are 48 alleged members in the indictment. some of them are at large. one of them was picked up this morning. some are in federal custody. the ones in local custody will be before a junk on thursday.
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that's when they will start to be assigned attorneys. district attorney jeff rosen says that could take a while, but it is a process he thinks will be fruitful in the end. now to san francisco. ten people have been forced from their home. an early morning fire in the city. it happened at 2:30 in the morning on hudson avenue near third street. firefighters are calling the fire suspicion. it was started at a vacant home. the flames spreadañ along the fence line to a house next door. a firefighter was injured when a staircase collapsed, but he is to said to be okay. an agreement with the governor gives workers a pay hike. governor brown has also reached ha budget deal with state workers. the hardest part of the job is done. deciding on education spending and what the estimated revenue
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will be. it's a rare event as you probably know when california state budget is signed ahead of schedule, but that's what's happening. democrats agreed to spend less than they wanted to. but they're planning on funding pet projects next year. and a budget was increaspas increase the amount of money paid to fire and police officers. along with funding, police overtime and gang prevention. a spokesman says the city needs to start hiring, because officers are leaving faster than they can be replaced. 82 senators voted to keep legislation going. >> there need to be major change does this bill if it's going to become law. >> there's no good reason to
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play procedural games or engage in obstruction to block the best chance we've had in years. >> the senate is expected to vote on the bill's final passage before july 4th. from there it moves to the republican led house where it faces a tougher road. the bay area making it easier for workers to take care of their children. inside the stanford linear accelerator where this giant microscope was used to decode a 200 year old piece of music. we'll show you how it was done. and taking matters into their own hands, a bay area group finds a way to take care of their local park without costing taxpayers any money. the funding model has a lot of people taking a closer look. plenty of sunshine here for parts of the north bay, but cloud cover there started to linger across the south bay.
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and with the sunny skies temperatures did warm up to the mid and upper 70s in the east bay. we will have more on how hot it could get this week, coming up. for our families... our neighbors...
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the obama administration is facing its first lawsuit tonight in connection with the government's telephone surveillance program. surveill&háhp &hc&am. verizon phone records is unconstitutional and should be stopped. as for the man who leaked the information is still on the run. his former company, booz allen called his actions shocking and a violation of the code of ethics. google says it has nothing to hide. today the company asked the obama administration if it could release more information to the public about the nsa's prison program in which the government
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taps into the servers to look for terrorism activities. google wants to debunk the notion that it has an arrangement with the government. it says it is simply complying with government orders. tk video is eye opening. after 12 days of protests, turkey's government is cracking down on demonstrators. riot police have feared multiple rounds of tear gas into the crowd to disburse that crowd. they also attacked demonstrators with water canons and rubber bullets. the protests began as workers moved in to tear down trees to begin a redevelopment project. but as turkey's prime minister spoke out about the protesters, it began as a protest about his leadership. a san francisco super advisero-6 wa-- he wants to giv
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parents and care givers the right to ask their employers for a flexible work schedule. it would encourage san francisco businesses to shift hours or allow work part time. it would also allow businesses the right to deny that request. >> they can turn them down for bona fide business reasons. we put in the legislation a number of explicit grounds. if an employer can't find someone to cover a shift, if it's going to cost thej@l÷ empl neg. >> the san francisco chamber of commerce called thee-# idea antibusiness. chew is still trying to round up enough support. how much would you pay for lunch? the latest high profile executive to auction off a lunch in the name of charity. the proceeds will go to aspire
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charter school where meyer and her husband have been mentors and supporters for more than ten years. it has a 100% college acceptance rate for its entire history. the withnner will joan hein her one on one lunch. so far the highest bid is 57,000 bucks. there's this old saying, everyone complains about the weather, but nobody does neg about it. you could easily say that about the california state budget. >> except for one group. they didn't like what the state had in store with their favorite park, so they did something about it. >> now normally we steer clear of controversy.
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well, chuck levine, the president of a group that saved a park says hidden money wouldn't have solved it. but how he solved it, that's tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: to tell the story of the saving of jack london historic park one needs to start on a horse, one that in the late 1980s carried chuck levine to his first visit to the park on a second date with his future wife. >> i remember the trail up to the lake was a beautiful trail. i remember the historic buildings and being amazed at the architecture. >> reporter: it was the beginning, it turns out, of two long term relationships. chuck eventually retiring from a high-flying career in the telecommunications industry to a home right next to the park. >> we spend a tremendous amount of time in the park.
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i'm in the park at least four or five days a week. when i'm in town it's probably seven days. >> reporter: he also became a member of the valley of the moon natural history association, a friends of the park, if you will. although, when news hit that jack london was one of 70 parks the state was going to close, the park needed more than just a friend. >> there wasn't a lot of close in the matter. we knew we had to save the park, and that was job one. >> reporter: so they made an agreement to take over park operations which is what they did last year. the park was not only saved, it is now thriving. attendance is up. revenue is up. as one visitor simply put it, the park's energy is up. >> we got 85% of our6rd guests saying that their visit was excellent. i've never had a survey come out with numbers like that.
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and i'm ecstatic. >> reporter: that is in part because visitors say the park looks better than it has in decades. thousands of volunteer hours are helping to chip away at years of deferred maintenance. miles of once closed trails are open once again. >> chuck says the model they have come up with is not a perfect fit for every park out there, still, for other groups looking to do something similar, there is, if not a blueprint to copy, a lesson to learn. >> getting together, a community can successfully accomplish a knee ormuss amount of the people here are focused on running a successful park and allowing it to thrive. we can do that if we all pitch in. we all work together. we can make it work. >> he told me a story about how last winter they had a lot of rains and mudslide that covered
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up a creek and threatened a road, a fire road that was going to be closed. and if that road was closed, half the park would be inaccessible. he says within a day, a volunteer showed up with a backhoe and saved the road. heó said that was the greatest example. do you think the state would have had that cleared  a day? i don't think so. he says it's not the model for everything, but it shows what a dedicated group of people can do. >> teamwork pays off with beautiful results. thank you. speaking of beautiful, it was beautiful today. >> i hit the right time when everybody was heading out for lun lun lunch. you can see the humidity down in the south bay. dew points in the 50s to 60 down here in san jose. a little bit sticky for you down
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there into the silicon valley. otherwise, 77 right now in liver more and plenty of upper 70s in the south bay. even warmer as weigh head throughout wednesday. here's a first look. the problem is we'll start off with areas of cloud cover at the coast, a little bit by the bay and also inland. by 11:00 we'll get temperatures up into the 60s and 70s. let's get you outside. and you see a beautiful picture. it was pretty much clouded in over the past hour, but it has now cleared out with most of that cloud cover dissipating. you to, a very tranquil afternoon for us. in san francisco, it looks picture perfect right now. an a little bit of cloud cover in the center of your screen. the pattern, all be it is very comply katd.
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the jet stream is just off to the north by 2 to l300 miles. for us, high pressure is moving in at just the right spot here off shore. that's going to keep it sunny at least for the next two to three days in the forecast. however, we're not going to be fog for tomorrow. en with high pressure off shore. we'll start off where we've highlighted, not too cloudy here for the south bay. then for the afternoon we've highlighted everywhere that we're looking at sunny skies. by the afternoon, it is going to be a warmer day for us. on wednesday, we'll start off with temperatures throughout the afternoon near 80 in san jose. 82 in danville, 84 in fairfield, also 84 in livermore and back by the bay we'll go with 74 in
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oakland. on your three day forecast we are expecting dry weather all the way through friday, upper 80s. you can see throughout the rest of the seven day forecast, the weekend starts to cool off by ten degrees on saturday and also into sunday. no rein in the forecast, but instead of a hotter weekend like the past few weeks, a little cooler. coming up, how a householdñ staple managed to save a baby's life. plus they say good music is timeless. the bay area helping once lost music get discovered again after 00s of years. stay with us.
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it's the first time it's been used on a baby. a 20 day old baby is alive thanks to super glue. she had a brain aneurism. doctors used super glue on the baby. the aneurisms are so rare on babies there are no surge cal tools small enough to use. they used super glue because they thought more significant surgery would pose more risk to the baby. it was the 1,000th swim from the rock. 52 year old and a 62 year old man began a meal and a half swim. coincides with the 51st
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anniversary of the escape from the rock. the event raised money. it's a different kind of lost and found back in a moment.
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an amazing story now about how technology rescued a piece of history. >> a centuries old piece of history is what we're talking about. how technology and opera can
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make perfect harmony. >> looking back. it was a piece of work thought to be lost to the ages, but more than 200 years after it was written, it came here to the bay area to be decoded. ♪ >> it's a beautiful opera createdq in 1797 by a composer praised by beethoven, but this opera has never been heard all the way through because it couldn't be read all the way through until now. inside the stanford linear accelerator, a meek row scope the size of a room used high energy light to focus on the smudged part of the opera and decode the actual notes. >> you can zoom it in. and you can see just every single note of it. >> reporter: in fact, for the first time, this opera can actually be read all the way
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through and will soon be able to be performed thanks to the scientists working here. >> weigh are trying to unlock the secrets of nature. that's what research, typically, that's science, but in this case we are trying to unlock or bring back something which a great genius has produced long ago. >> reporter: unlocking a piece of previously hidden history, note by note. >> as word gets out, the opera scientists are asking to use that microscope from everything to x raies of old roman coins. mid to upper 80s thursday and friday, and a lot cooler
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this weekend. no rain in the forecast. looks pretty comfortable. thank you for being with us. we hope to see you back at 6:00. on the broadcast tonight, out of control. violent clashes as police storm thousands of protesters. fires erupting as the crisis takes a frightening turn for a major u.s. ally overseas. our richard engel is there. did he act alone? what we've learned tonight about the americanontractor who exposed the u.s. spy program may have had help. paying the price, an eye opening new look at how the nation's biggest banks are making more than half their fees and a warning tonight for anyone with a bank account. sounding the alarm for millions of american boomers losing their hearing earlier than ever. what doctors say is to blame and what you can do to slow it down. "nightly news" begins now.


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